5 Great Philly Coffee Spots

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Philadelphia is spoiled for great coffee options and coffee shops. While you’re here this summer, visit our thriving indie coffee scene of local roasters including Square One Coffee, Rival Bros, Green Street and La Colombe.

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Here are some options to enjoy and get pepped up!

The Best Dirty Chai Latte
Green Street Coffee in Washington Square West makes their chai from scratch with an array of spices, and you can really taste the difference between this and the pre-made boxed chai served at many other spots. I recommend adding a shot of espresso and ordering the Dirty Chai, this is the perfect iced pick me up for those warmer days.

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Canned Latte
Last summer La Colombe introduced the draft latte on tap at their Fishtown location, it can now be found in cans across the city at all La Colombe cafes. The new canned version of Draft Latte instantly froths, creating the first-ever, ready-to-drink cold coffee beverage with the same rich texture and flavor of a true latte – complete with a layer of light, silky foam. If you’re on the go these are perfect to keep with you for a coffee break anywhere, anytime.

Affogato: Ice cream & Coffee
Rival Bros. coffee shop located in scenic and family friendly Fitler Square neighborhood has a great option that kills two cravings in one delicious spoonful, their honey gelato affogato is perfect for that afternoon hankering for something sweet and the need for a caffeine jolt. Their Whistle & Cuss espresso is poured over house-made honey gelato for a super satisfying afternoon pick me up.

Nitro Coffee
Square One Coffee in Washington Square West is the place to go to experience one of the best expressions of nitro cold brew coffee. If you’re familiar with nitro craft beer, the concept is similar, the nitrogen that’s infused in the coffee gives it its creaminess, and a cool cascading effect when poured, along with a beautiful white head. It basically pours like a Guinness, and it kinda looks like one too with a creamy texture and smooth mouthfeel. There’s no milk in nitro cold brews but depending on which shop you get it from it’ll taste almost latte-like

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Spiked Coffee
Double Knot is a recent addition to Midtown Village, this great shop combines a coffee shop, with sushi bar and izakaya. Needless to say it’s perfect to visit at any time of the day. The coffee program was created by the talented folks at Elixr coffee, so whether you’re looking for an excellently poured cortado or want to try a coffee cocktail, at this spot you’re in good hands.

Swabreen Bakr is the host of Pour it Up on mynewphilly.com, a bi-weekly video news segment which highlights the best that Philly has to offer in cocktails, craft beer and coffee. On social media, she can be found on Twitter and Instagram @ssscorvus.