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My Tuesday, July 26, was clearly going to be a great day. Set a world record at 8 a.m., volunteer for the #PHLDNC2016 host committee’s social media at 2 p.m.

I started my day with some 3,000 Philadelphia kids aged 7–17, who arrived in busloads at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to help set the world record for the most children writing at the same place at the same time. The event was spearheaded by Mighty Writers, a local nonprofit that teaches kids and teens to think and write with clarity. They do this through their after-school academy, workshops on nights and weekends, college-readiness programs, and a mentorship program with local volunteers.

Mighty Writers at PMA July 26

I started my journey with Mighty Writers while in 10th grade at Constitution High School, just blocks from Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. There I slowly discovered my love for writing through my gig as a staff writer for my school’s paper. A friend of mine began writing for the Mighty Post, Mighty Writers’ now-defunct online newspaper for Philly teens. I joined her and I never looked back.


Mighty Writer Sunny Morgan and Julia Thompson-Calio

At Mighty Post, I gained a mentor, new friends, better writing skills, confidence, and a lot of mightiness. Seeing as Mighty Writers had given me so much, I want to make it my mission to give back to them. When I heard that Mighty Writers wanted to attempt to set the world record, I knew this was on my agenda for summer break.

As summer flew by, the day finally came, and I was more than ready to help Mighty Writers go for the record. From carrying heavy boxes to the top of the Art Museum steps to getting my face inhaled by the Phillie Phanatic, Philly’s own and arguably the best and most famous baseball mascot, I had an incredible morning. My love for writing at this point in my life is at its highest, and being able to watch 3,000 kids intensively write essays almost pushed me to tears.

The DNC being in town is a beautiful and exciting time in our city, and this mighty event made our city shine even brighter! Getting to write about it and share it with you just made this day even better.


Born and raised in Philadelphia, Sunny Morgan is a sophomore at West Chester University of PA studying communication studies and journalism. She is also a college lifestyle blogger at astoldbysunny.com. Tweet her at @SunnyMorgan97. Photo: Mighty Writer Sunny Morgan (right) with mentor Julia Thompson-Calio (left.)