Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee Announces Security Vetting Services Request for Proposal

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention today announced that it is seeking requests for proposals for an experienced security firm to provide vetting services for Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee and Democratic National Convention Committee volunteers. The security firm will be responsible for background checks for approximately 10,000 volunteers who have registered to help Philadelphia host the Convention this summer.

“Our volunteer effort is critical to a fun, safe and successful Convention this summer, and the opening of this RFP brings us one step closer to that goal,” said Kevin Washo, Executive Director of the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee. “We are committed to making this the most inclusive Convention yet, and this RFP provides an opportunity to vendors from across the region and beyond to bid on this contract. We are thrilled to work with a diverse array of suppliers thus far and will continue that effort in encouraging all security firm owners who believe they can provide the needed services to apply.”

The RFP became active on Friday, April 15. Proposing firms must submit notification of their intent to bid by Wednesday, April 20 and submit their final proposals by Friday, April 29. Once selected, the security vetting firm will advise and assist the Host Committee and the Democratic National Convention Committee in performing background checks, securely storing
and transmitting sensitive data, and providing reports for the entire corps of potential volunteers.

Security vetting firms are required to demonstrate the capability to:

• Technologically integrate with the Host Committee’s existing volunteer portal, which is provided by The Registration System (TRS);
• Perform background checks for 18,000-20,000 prospective registered volunteers;
• Perform checks in a timely and efficient manner, providing results and recommendations to the Host Committee and prospective volunteers within 24-48 hours;
• Conduct thorough and updated checks that include but are not limited to nationwide, multijurisdictional criminal history, 50 state Department of Justice sexual offender registry, Social Security trace and driving records;
• Track and search for different names and multiple aliases that may be associated with a prospective volunteer.

The vetting firm will be required to technologically integrate with the TRS volunteer portal. The integration must be as seamless as possible and provide for secure and direct transmission of sensitive data. The vetting firm will be required to oversee and coordinate with TRS regarding these processes.

The RFP can be accessed here. The contract award will be issued the week of May 9.


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