Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee Announces “What Makes Philly Philly” Social Media Campaign

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – With Saturday, April 16th marking 100 days from the Democratic National Convention, the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention today announced “What Makes Philly Philly,” a social media campaign to energize Philadelphians about the Convention coming to town and highlighting what makes the city the unique, vibrant place it is. The Host Committee is calling on Philadelphians to, over the next few months, help the organization host the Convention by posting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, what they love most about their city, using #WhatMakesPhilly.

The Host Committee also announced that, as part of the campaign, they will select 10 social posts that best reflect what the city is about and turn them into a letter from Philadelphians to delegates. The cutoff for submissions is June 30th. The letter will be included in the official welcome bag the delegates receive upon arrival in Philadelphia.  The individuals whose posts were included in the letter will also each win tickets to one of the Host Committee’s parties during the week of the Convention.

“This social campaign is a great way to excite residents and Convention goers about the DNC coming to Philadelphia. This city has so much to offer, and what better way for the delegates to learn about why residents love it here than from Philadelphians themselves,” said former Pennsylvania Governor and Host Committee Chair Ed Rendell. “What makes Philly Philly to me is the spirit of its people: we get knocked down but always pick ourselves up and get right back into the fray.”

Governor Rendell announced the social campaign during a press conference hosted by the Democratic National Convention Committee commemorating 100 days from the Democratic National Convention at the National Constitution Center. Following the announcement, he posted a tweet of his own for the campaign, which can be read here.

The Host Committee is encouraging participants of the “What Makes Philly Philly” campaign to include the organization’s social handles, @PHLDNC2016 on Twitter and Instagram and @Philadelphia2016 on Facebook, in their posts so that the Host Committee can re-post their content.

Saturday, April 16th marks 100 days from the first day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Monday, July 25th. The Convention will take place July 25-28, 2016 in Philadelphia.


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