Interested in volunteering?  Please sign up for our wait list below.  We have recently made active our first wait list and it is possible we will use this second list.  Sign up now!

The Host Committee needs thousands of volunteers to showcase the best of Philadelphia and ensure that the Democratic National Convention is a success. There will be an array of volunteer opportunities leading up to and during the Convention. From greeting and guiding guests to providing administrative support, volunteers are needed in a variety of capacities and critical to the Host Committee’s efforts. Volunteers are not employees of the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee, and the Volunteer Program is neither vocational nor educational training. To learn more about volunteering, please refer to the Volunteering FAQs.

The Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee is proud to partner with Dale Carnegie Training for the training needs of our Volunteer Leaders. Dale Carnegie shows people how to communicate in ways that draw others in, so they can form closer, more productive relationships in their personal and professional lives. As they gain influence with the people around them, they’ll come face to face with more opportunities to make meaningful contributions in the places that matter most.

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NOTE TO ALL CURRENT VOLUNTEER ACCOUNT HOLDERS: Login here. Please remember that as a registered interested volunteer, you are not guaranteed a volunteer position for the Convention; however we will make opportunities available first to account holders registered to our portal – and then to the waitlist – to fulfill volunteer needs.

Volunteers Ages 14-17: The Youth Volunteer Parental/Guardian Waiver can be found here.  Print, sign, scan, and then upload it onto your volunteer account.  You will not be able to volunteer without this uploaded signed waiver.

We greatly appreciate your support of our civic efforts and thank you for your interest.

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